So, What Is Aquaponics?

It’s a Natural Ecosystem

Welcome to Aquaponics

Aquaponics is where fish and plants live in symbiosis – each one helps the other thrive! The fish create near perfect nutrient conditions for plants to grow without soil, and in turn, the plants filter and clean the water and it is returned to the fish tanks. There is next to no loss and any by-products from this loop are beneficial to other growing processes.

About Us

What happens when you cross a curious teen agriculturist with her seasoned businessman father? A clean, green, high yield machine!

Purpose over Profits – Aquaponics is an ideal solution to improve food insecurities, while minimizing waste and reducing space and resource needs. Aquaponic systems use a fraction of the water to grow 10 times the amount of produce in the same amount of space as compared to traditional farming methods. It’s efficient and self-sustaining and doesn’t rely on manufactured fertilizers or require harmful chemical upkeep and pest control. It is climate adaptive and isn’t dependent on local air or soil conditions.

Our Facility

To further our endeavors to revitalize Reading, Pennsylvania, we have adaptively repurposed a 250,000 sq. foot facility. Every effort has been made to install energy efficient systems and to minimize our carbon foot print. The facility features a fishery and grow room, harvest area as well as a processing and packing area. Tours are available upon request or check out our video.